Eco-Halogen Light Bulbs

An excellent energy-saving alternative


Westinghouse Lighting’s selection of lower wattage halogen light bulbs is an excellent energy-saving alternative to compact fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs.

Our Eco-Halogen light bulbs provide all the benefits of halogen lighting at an affordable price while offering superior light quality. Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs, these Eco-Halogen products perform in the same manner as their traditional incandescent counterparts.

Available in familiar shapes and styles, Eco-Halogen bulbs provide instant brightness while remaining fully dimmable. By reducing energy usage and costs, Eco-Halogen bulbs are more cost effective than traditional light bulbs and are ideal for places where standard bulbs are currently used.

Eco-Halogen light bulbs

With energy savings that meet Federal EISA 2007 requirements, Eco-Halogen light bulbs are perfect replacements for non-compliant incandescent bulbs that will no longer be available to purchase. They are an effective and affordable solution to your lighting needs.


Key Features and Benefits

Save up to 30% in energy costs

Halogen capsule improves lamp efficacy (lumens per watt)

Lower wattage energy-saving option to standard incandescent bulbs

Crisp bright white light

Familiar shapes with traditional halogen performance

Dimmable/Instant On (no delay in brightness)

100 CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Not affected by cold temperatures – Instant Start

Mercury Free



Eco-Halogen Applications

Eco-Halogen Light Bulb applications

Commercial, Decorative Fixtures, Outdoor Lighting, Sconces, Health Care
Recessed Down Lights, Vanity Bars, Directional Lighting, Residential Lighting
Ceiling Fixtures, Table Lamps, General Purpose, Hospitality

Anywhere standard incandescent light bulbs are used.




Eco-Halogen Product Offering

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WattsBulb TypeFinish
29 A19 Clear
29 A19 Soft White
29 A19 (4) Soft White
42 A19 Clear
42 A19 Soft White
42 A19 (4) Soft White
53 A19 Clear
53 A19 Soft White
53 A19 (4) Soft White
72 A19 Clear
72 A19 Soft White
72 A19 (4) Soft White
35 R20 Flood
45 R20 Flood
40 B11 Clear
55 BR25 Flood
50 BR30 Flood
65 BR30 Flood
50 BR40 Flood
65 BR40 Flood
43 BT15 Soft White
43 BT15 Clear
43 F15 Clear
40 G25 Cut Glass
43 SL19 Cut Glass

Energy Conservation Standards for Incandescent Reflector Lamps (IRL)

Exemptions to IRL Standards:

Bulbs that are 50W or less: ER30, BR30, BR40 and ER40
Bulbs that are 65W exactly: BR30, BR40 and ER 40
Bulbs that are 45W or less: R20





Eco-PAR Halogen Reflector Bulbs

Encapsulated PARs with lower wattage
and enhanced performance


Eco-PAR PLUS Halogen Reflector Bulbs

Premium encapsulated PARs with lower wattage,
enhanced performance, and extended life.