High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID)

Where to use them...

Metal Halide Lamps

These lamps create light when an arc passes through a capsule holding mercury vapor and other chemical components called “metal halides.” The additives greatly improve both lumen and color performance. They are widely used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications where better color rendering is critical. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Protected metal halide lamps are also known as “open fixture rated” lamps.  These types of metal halide lamps have a covering over the quartz arc tube  which prevents the outer envelope from breaking in the rare case that the inner arc tube ruptures.

Pulse start metal halide lamps send an electric pulse to the arc tube. This “pulse” allows the lamp to start quicker, maintain lumen output better, and last longer than probe start metal halides. Pulse start metal halide lamps must be used in fixtures designed specifically for pulse start lamps.

Metal halide lamps are ideal for use in retail, industrial, area lighting, accent lighting, sports lighting, security lighting, roadway lighting and parking garage applications.


High Pressure Sodium Lamps

These lamps are named for the sodium vapor arc that generates their light. High pressure sodium lamps are one of the most efficient HID lamps. Their high efficacy—or high ratio of lumens per watt—create their energy-saving capabilities. High pressure sodium lamps are commonly used in areas where lamp life and high efficiency are required and color rendering is not critical.
High pressure sodium lamps provide efficient lighting solutions for outdoor security, parking garage, parking lot, roadway lighting and area lighting applications.








Mercury Vapor Lamps

Mercury vapor lamps emit light when a short arc passes through mercury vapor.

These lamps are designed for applications that require moderate color rendering, such as outdoor security, area lighting, general flood lighting,  barns and parking lots.