High Lumen LED Light Bulbs


Item No.Watt Bulb Type Base Type ColorFinish

0518100 16 T24 Medium Daylight (5000K) Clear
0516500 24 T23 Medium Daylight (5000K) Clear
0516200 36
T28 Medium Daylight (5000K) Clear
0516300 45 T28 Medium Daylight (5000K) Clear
0516400 45 T28 Mogul Daylight (5000K) Clear
0516600 54 T28 Mogul Daylight (5000K) Clear
3516300 45 T30 Medium Daylight (5000K) Clear
0516700 100 T38 Mogul Daylight (5000K) Clear

3516700 100 T44 Mogul Daylight (5000K) Clear

0518000 120 T44 Mogul Daylight (5000K) Clear

5119000 80 SHOEBOX Extended Mogul Daylight (5000K) Clear

5118000 110 SHOEBOX Extended Mogul Daylight (5000K) Clear

† DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC). The DLC provides a platform for collaboration among
energy efficiency program members to drive the lighting market toward quality and innovation
by ensuring energy-efficient standards are continuously met.

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