Save Energy With Westinghouse Light Bulbs

Eco-Halogen, CFL, Fluorescent, and LED light bulbs

Save energy and brighten your home with Westinghouse energy-efficient Eco-Halogen, CFL, Fluorescent and LED light bulbs, designed to comply with pending federal energy legislations. You can make the transition away from non-compliant incandescent light bulbs quickly and easily with Westinghouse's wide selection of energy-efficient light bulbs engineered to the highest quality standards.

EISA phase-outs of incandescent bulbs began on January 1, 2012, with other phase-outs scheduled through January 2014.

Type Phased-Out Date Recommended Replacement Types
100W A type 1/1/2012 Eco-Halogen , Compact Fluorescent
45W, 50W, 75W, 90W Reflector Bulbs
7/14/2012 Eco-PAR /Eco-PAR PLUS Halogen, LED , Compact Fluorescent including Aluminum and Glass Reflector types
75W A type 1/1/2013 Eco-Halogen , Compact Fluorescent
40W, 60W A, B, G type 1/1/2014 Eco-Halogen , Compact Fluorescent , LED , G25


In California, the phase-out began on January 1, 2011.