Create lighting with timeless appeal...

  • Go back in time using an old style filament design that creates a nostalgic feel.
  • Perfect for lanterns, pendants or any indoor exposed bulb application.
  • The vintage style blends flawlessly with both antique and modern décor.
  • Ideal for use in commercial and residential locations.

Item No.Lamp Type
Energy Used
Light Bulb
Filament Type
0413400 A19 40 Medium Nx-8 Clear
0413500 A19 60 Medium Nx-8 Clear
0410500 A23 40 Medium Nx-8
0413300 C10 40 Candelabra 4-Anchor
0410600 C11 40 Candelabra 9-Anchor Amber
0412600 G25 40 Medium 32-Anchor Clear
0410700 G25 40 Medium 15-Anchor Amber
0412700 G25 60 Medium 32-Anchor Clear
0410800 G25 60 Medium 15-Anchor Amber
0410900 G40 40 Medium 32-Anchor Amber
0414100 ST15 40 Medium 11-Anchor Amber
0412000 ST20 40 Medium 19-Anchor Clear
0413200 ST20 60 Medium 19-Anchor Clear
0413600 T9 40 Medium 10-Anchor Amber
0411800 T9 60 Medium 8-Anchor Amber
0412800 T12 40 Medium 12-Anchor Clear
0412900 T12 60 Medium 12-Anchor Clear
0413700 T14 40 Medium 24-Anchor Amber
0413800 T14 60 Medium 24-Anchor Amber




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