75 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 75 Years - A Proud Family Business Since 1946 (1946-2021)

Westinghouse Lighting is celebrating 75 years in the lighting manufacturing industry. Originally founded as Angelo Brothers, the company has been family-owned since its creation in 1946.

The original Angelo Brothers, Romolo and Stanley Angelo, seized the opportunity to go into business together after WWII. While any business experiences bright upturns and dim downturns, the company has enjoyed steady growth over the years. The current company leader attributes this long-term success to the company’s core values of excellent customer service, quality products, and sustainability.

“My father [Romolo Angelo] used to say, ‘Give the customer the edge,’” says Ray Angelo, President and CEO. “This sound advice has taken us from a mail-order lamp parts catalog business based in South Philadelphia to a global company with a full line of ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, light bulbs, and accessories.”

In 2003, the company re-branded as Westinghouse Lighting through a license agreement with Westinghouse Electric Corporation. This agreement allowed the company to solidify its business in the United States and helped to expand opportunities in international markets, as the Westinghouse brand name is well-known worldwide and has symbolized quality and innovation for years.

Westinghouse Lighting has U.S. offices in Philadelphia, PA, and Chino, CA. Additionally, the company has international offices in Germany, China, and Hong Kong.

Looking ahead, Westinghouse Lighting is poised for a bright future. The third generation of Angelo family members has joined the company and is ready to carry on the company’s legacy. “We plan to approach our next 75 years the same as we have our first 75,” says Angelo, “by using innovation and opportunities to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers and to continue to build a prosperous and sustainable business upon the foundation laid down brick-by-brick by Romolo and Stanley, the Angelo Brothers.”



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