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Light bulb replacement guide for lighting legislation phaseouts.

Energy legislation changes affect the simple task of replacing a light bulb. You can depend on Westinghouse for quality and reliability and to help you choose the right light bulbs to fit your needs. All Westinghouse products are engineered and tested to meet or exceed high-quality standards to light your home, office, or business. Count on Westinghouse to provide the lighting solutions you need and want.

To be compliant with National Energy Legislation, the Department of Energy (DOE) issued new standards requiring manufacturers to replace less efficient incandescent light bulbs with more efficient options. The light bulbs affected by this federal legislation need to comply with mandated performance levels based on efficacy, and the light bulbs must meet new minimum Lumen per Watt (LPW) requirements. The first of these changes was the phaseout of general service light bulbs which went into effect on January 1, 2012 and began with the 100W A-type light bulb.

As of the “National Effective Date”, light bulb manufacturers are no longer permitted to produce or import light bulbs that do not meet efficiency requirements. However, these light bulbs can still be sold until their inventory is depleted.

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