75 Watt BR30 NurtureLite™ Incandescent Flood Light Bulb

Plant E26 (Medium) Base, Box

Domestic Code75BR30/PLANT
Lamp ShapeBR30
Energy Used (Watts)75
Lamp BaseE26 (Medium)
Life (Hours)2000
Max. Overall Length (MOL)5.38
Beam TypeFlood
Light Center Length3.43
Life (Years)*1.8
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost**9.03

 * Based on 3 hrs./day
** Based on 3 hrs./day $.11/kWh
   Cost depends on rates and use.

Westinghouse BR30 75 Watt Plant E26 (Medium) Base Incandescent Reflector Light Bulb 3641200

Incandescent NurtureLite™ bulbs are perfect for providing the essential light needed for plants, flowers and germinating seed growth in your home. The cool-blue light is ideal for flowering and foliage plants that require low levels of light to flourish. In the fall and winter seasons, certain regions of the country experience reduced levels of sunlight. Artificial sunlight is crucial for successful stem length growth, leaf coloring and flowering plants that may require 12-16 hours of exposure.

These light bulbs last on average up to 2000 hours. This reflector medium screw base make it compatible for use with standard household fixtures - place plant bulb no closer than 24" to the plant.

To help you find the right bulb for the right application, see Westinghouse’s full offering of light bulbs available in a variety of types, shapes and colors.

What's Included

NurtureLite™ Plant Light Bulb with Medium Base.

Product reference number 36412

  • Provides essential artificial sunlight crucial for houseplant stem growth, leaf coloring and flowering
  • Perfect for any standard fixture - place bulb no closer than 24" to the plant
  • Completely dimmable
  • Free of harmful mercury, this LED bulb is an environmentally-friendly choice
  • Medium base
  • flood light
  • 120 volts
  • 75 watts
  • 2,000-hour life (based on 3 hrs./day)
  • Estimated yearly cost of $9.03 (based on 3 hrs./day, $0.11/k/Wh)
  • Track lights
  • Recessed lights
  • Clip lights
  • Standard household fixtures
  • 5.38 inches (L)
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