15 Watt T8 (4 Foot) Linear LED Ballast Bypass Light Bulb, DLC Certified

15 Watt T8 (4 Foot) Linear LED Ballast Bypass Light Bulb, DLC Certified

5000K Daylight G13 (Medium BiPin) Base, 120-277 Volt, Sleeve

Domestic CodeLED 15T8/48"/50 Ballast Bypass
Lamp ShapeT8
Energy Used (Watts)15
Lamp BaseG13 (Medium BiPin)
Light Appearance (Kelvin)5000
Life (Hours)50000
Brightness (Lumens)1800
Max. Overall Length (MOL)48
Approved DampY
DLC QualifiedY
For Use in Total Enclosed Fixt.Y
Beam Spread230
Life (Years)*45.6
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost**1.81

 * Based on 3 hrs./day
** Based on 3 hrs./day $.11/kWh
   Cost depends on rates and use.

Westinghouse T8 (15 Watt) Daylight (5000K) G13 (Medium BiPin) Base LED Linear Light Bulb 0385400

The 15 watt linear Ballast Bypass LED can be used anywhere a 4 foot T8 and T12 fluorescent bulb is used. This technologically advanced linear LED is designed to provide optimized general illumination and excellent light distribution. It is specifically designed to eliminate shadows and dark spots in light fixtures that may be noticeable with some TLED's. This 15-watt bulb reduces energy and operating costs up to 44 percent compared to a standard T8 or T12 fluorescent bulb. Lasting 11 years (based on 12 hours per day) or 45 years (based on 3 hours per day), this durable light bulb offers long-term use, dependability and energy savings.

Substantially bright for everyday tasks, this instant-on bulb will illuminate residential, industrial, hospitality and commercial applications, can be used in enclosed fixtures and is suitable for damp locations.

Westinghouse is a trusted global brand. We know lighting and offer products with exceptional quality, reliability and functionality.

What's Included

T8 Ballast Bypass Linear LED Light Bulb with Medium BiPin Base.

Product reference number 03854.

  • Quality components ensure optimum lumen output over lifetime of the bulb
  • Provides excellent light distribution and comparable color to fluorescent tubes
  • Bulb life is longer than conventional lighting
  • Offers lifetime cost savings compared to fluorescent bulbs
  • Mercury-free LEDs lower disposal costs and are an environmentally-friendly choice
  • Anywhere you would use a 4 foot T8 or T12 fluorescent bulb
  • Industrial applications
  • Commercial applications
  • Hospitality applications
  • Office, Store or School
  • Residential applications
  • Basement or Garage
  • Laundry rooms or Kitchens
  • 48 inches (L)
  • Rated for indoor use
  • Compatible with all T8 and T12 fixtures
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Approved for use in totally enclosed fixtures
  • Ballast bypass wiring requires knowledge of fluorescent lighting fixtures and electrical systems
  • Ballast Bypass operates with direct line voltage
  • No ballast needed

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