9 Watt (65 Watt Equivalent) BR30 Flood LED Grow Light Bulb

9 Watt (65 Watt Equivalent) BR30 Flood LED Grow Light Bulb

E26 (Medium) Base, 120 Volt, Box

Domestic Code9BR30/LED/FL/GROW/G
Lamp ShapeBR30
Energy Used (Watts)9
Lamp BaseE26 (Medium)
Life (Hours)25000
Max. Overall Length (MOL)5.12
Approved DampY
Beam TypeFlood
Beam Spread105
Life (Years)*22.8
Estimated Yearly Energy Cost**1.08

 * Based on 3 hrs./day
** Based on 3 hrs./day $.11/kWh
   Cost depends on rates and use.

Westinghouse BR30 (9 Watt) E26 (Medium) Base LED Grow Light Bulb 51820

This LED grow light bulb is an excellent replacement for incandescent grow bulbs with energy-saving benefits. Specifically designed for plants, this bulb produces blue spectrum light to encourage vegetative growth, as well as red spectrum light to enhance fruiting or flowering. Blue and red spectrum light also increases root growth and speeds up seed germination making this LED grow light bulb ideal for all stages of a plant's growth cycle.

The BR30 LED grow light bulb helps indoor plant life prosper year-round. Enjoy flourishing herb gardens and household plants. This long-lasting LED bulb generates less heat than incandescent bulbs, preventing leaf damage and enhancing the overall appearance of plants. The medium size base fits many fixtures, including clamp lights.

Westinghouse is a trusted, global brand. We know lighting and offer products with exceptional quality, reliability and functionality.

  • Blue and red spectrum lighting nurtures plant growth process
  • Generates less heat compared to incandescent grow light bulbs, increasing light output when placed closer to plants, while preventing leaf burn
  • Reduces energy up to 86 percent compared to a 65-watt incandescent plant bulb using only 9-watts of energy
  • Instant on and lasts longer than conventional lighting
  • Quality components ensure optimum lumen output over lifetime of the bulb
  • Free of harmful mercury
  • Use as an energy-efficient replacement for medium base A19 incandescent grow light bulbs
  • Supplement the sun to grow and maintain household plants and herb gardens
  • Hydroponic applications
  • Clamp Lights
  • 5-1/8 inches (L)
  • 3-3/4 inches (D)
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Non-dimmable

Can be purchased through many online and retail stores.