What size ceiling fan should I choose?

How to select the right size for every room


See diagrams below to select a fan size that will accomodate the size of your room.
This will ensure maximum airflow in the room, and optimal performance.

In order to ensure energy-efficient operation, make sure the size of the ceiling fan is appropriate for the size and height of your room. 
If the ceiling fan is too small for the room, it has to run at a higher speed in order to be effective.


Understand Your Ceiling Fan's Performance Characteristics

• Airflow is measured in CFMs (Cubic Feet per Minute or volume of air the ceiling fan can move).
• Watts Used is the amount of electricity used by the ceiling fan.
• Efficiency is measured in CFM/Watts (amount of air a ceiling fan moves in CFM divided by the amount of electricity it uses in Watts).


Energy Guide Labels

As of Fall 2018, FTC Energy Guide Labels are included on all ceiling fan packaging. These new yellow labels offer helpful information regarding averages for airflow, wattage and energy costs.

Applicable fans include the Airflow Performance Label
with the actual performance specifications at different speeds.