Choose from a wide range of ceiling fan designs

The Best Ceiling Fan for Every Room



Low Ceilings

Westinghouse offers a wide array of attractive hugger, low profile, and combo mount ceiling fans that are ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

Standard Ceilings

In rooms with standard 8 ft. ceilings, choose to mount your ceiling fan with or without a down rod.

High Ceilings

Maximize the use of your ceiling fan in rooms with high ceilings by installing an extension down rod.

Angled Ceilings

In rooms with angled or sloped ceilings, an extension down rod should be installed with the fan to optimize performance. For remote control installation, a cathedral ceiling fan
canopy kit is recommended.

What Size Down Rod Do I Need?

Optimize Your Ceiling Fan’s Efficiency

DC Motor Fans -
A Smart Choice

DC motors offer significant energy savings, consuming up to 57% less energy compared to AC ceiling fans. This means reduced operating costs and a minimized environmental impact. These highly-efficient ceiling fans also boast more speed options, faster acceleration, extremely balanced construction, and incredibly quiet operation.

LED Light Options -
Integrated LED or LED Lamps

Many Westinghouse fans include energy-efficient LED lamps. On average, LEDs consume 80% less energy when compared to incandescent lamps and are mercury-free, which means considerably reduced energy costs and a minimized carbon footprint. Plus, they last much longer than any alternative, so changing lamps in hard-to-reach ceiling fans will become a rare occurrence.